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Heavy Burden

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This beautiful teal background sets the scene to a magical story. Our favorite characters from this magical tale are featured on this, a wizard, a hat maker, a very sassy flame, & a turnip head. Beautiful coats, burnt bacon, & feathers pull this adventurous design together.

Fablebands are a perfect way to add some color to your wardrobe! Wear them to work, school, date-night and of course, rock them at the book club, library or book store! These headbands are super soft, stretchy, and sweat absorbing, making them the perfect bookish accessory for any book lover!!!

The art for this fabric was done exclusively for Fablebands by the ever so talented @rolins. Go check her Instagram account to see all her amazing work!

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Shelby Grafton
Love it!

I’m so happy I was able to nab this one. I love studio ghibli. I knew I had to get it as soon as I saw it.

Katelyn H.
Great for any Howl's fan!

A heart may be a heavy burden, but deciding to buy this design was not! I now own all five styles of this print because I couldn't get over how cute it was once I had it in person. It's easily become my most worn design. If you're a Howl's Moving Castle fan, this is something you definitely want in your collection. The faux-knot and square scarf are my favorite styles, but really, they're all great!

Sharelle Larsen
Heavy Burden is life

I adore my scrunchie and bandana with this design. I want the other bands for it!

The best blaze burns brightest

This was my first Fablebands order and I am in love! The fabric is so soft and the print is adorable! I love Howl's Moving Castle and could not miss out on the top knot. This style is great because you can wear it in various ways, as well as adjust the tightness. Will definitely be purchasing again.

Larissa Massez
Beautiful colors and design

I love this band so much! I got it as a top knot and it’s so fun! The design and colors are so bright and pretty!!