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Inspired by our love for books and coffee. 

Fablebands are a perfect way to add some color to your wardrobe! Wear them to work, school, date-night and of course, rock them at the book club, library or book store! These headbands are super soft, stretchy, and sweat absorbing, making them the perfect bookish accessory for any book lover!!!

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I receive my headband in timely fashion the color like a yellow-orange fit good not to tight so I can have it on my hair all day I would buy again it worth the money very well done

Love this band!

The color is somehow more beautiful in person. My favorite fandom neutral band so far I think!

Favorite Headband Ever!

This was my first ever headband from fablebands and let me tell you - years ago, I swore off headbands of any kind because they hurt my head and most times, gave me headaches from the tightness around my head. (My mom claims I have an abnormally giant head and thats why I can't wear headbands) BUT!!! These headbands y'all. They're so soft and comfortable - I never have to adjust these after I first put them on and that is a literal miracle!!! I will admit, the first couple of times I wore this, I still had some pain afterwards, but I chalk that up to not having worn headbands for years. This headband is the one I wear almost all the time now!!!

World's Best Scrunchie!

This scrunchie is HEAVEN SENT! I am a huge fan of scrunchies, and my other ones, no matter how i tie up my hair 9bun, ponytail), some strands of my hair would get stuck in a weird spot that would tug on my scalp/hurt in general. But not with this baby! No matter how loose or tight my bun is, this scrunchie does not hurt me AT ALL. The fabric is so soft, and the scrunchie stretches perfectly to accommodate my thick hair without hurting it! Taking it off is the same story - it doesn't hurt whether I gently undo the bun or just tug off the scrunchie and I am so thankful for that! I am so glad I found Mylene's shop because these products are amazing!


This headband is wonderful! doesn't bother my migraines and is great with my glasses on! The design is sooo perfect too!

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Infernal Romance


I purchased a custom Fableband and I am in love! I wear the scrub hue while I’m at home and need my hair off my neck. I rarely readjust it. The headband is super comfy!! The second headband went to a Secret Santa and she loved the print!

Pan's Patisserie

So Fetch!

I love love love all of the headbands I got! And can’t wait to pick out some new ones!!!!! Thank you! And thank you Zoe for introducing me to them!

So soft!

I love the top knots - open, so I can tie it the perfect size for my giant noggin!