How to Wear Fablebands

How to wear Faux Knot Headbands?

There are multiple ways to wear your Faux Knot Fablebands! For the best non-slip fit, we recommend you wear them slightly down on your forehead, directly covering the hair line. You can wear the faux knot in the front, or for a wider coverage, move the knot to the back. 

Cunning Slytherin Faux Knot Headband | Fablebands
Cunning Slytherin Faux Knot Headband | Fablebands

These lovely photos were provided by @thelittlelibrarian. She was kind enough to take these two photos so I could create this 'How To' guide.

Aly is wearing her Cunning Fableband inspired by Hogwarts House Slytherin and this beautiful green fabric was designed by @azura.arts.

How to wear Top Knot Headbands?

Here's a much requested video! Here is a How To video on our Top Knot Headbands. We hope this video is helpful & if you have any questions please feel free to send us a message! 🎥 by @Thelittlelibrarian


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803 reviews
Beautiful colors and design

I love this band so much! I got it as a top knot and it’s so fun! The design and colors are so bright and pretty!!

Nerdy Guardian Activate!

The details on this band will make any Moonie grin from ear to ear. I am utterly obsessed with the Sailor Guardian designs that have been released. I can't wait to collect them all!

Spring Fae
The perfect Spring edition to your wardrobe

This floral fableband is a beautiful spring time pallet that will bring a little fae magic to whatever you are wearing.

So Cute

I'm obsessed with Howl's Moving Castle and this Fableband is perfect!

Heavy Burden

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