How to Wear Fablebands

How to wear Faux Knot Headbands?

There are multiple ways to wear your Faux Knot Fablebands! For the best non-slip fit, we recommend you wear them slightly down on your forehead, directly covering the hair line. You can wear the faux knot in the front, or for a wider coverage, move the knot to the back. 

Cunning Slytherin Faux Knot Headband | Fablebands
Cunning Slytherin Faux Knot Headband | Fablebands

These lovely photos were provided by @thelittlelibrarian. She was kind enough to take these two photos so I could create this 'How To' guide.

Aly is wearing her Cunning Fableband inspired by Hogwarts House Slytherin and this beautiful green fabric was designed by @azura.arts.

How to wear Top Knot Headbands?

Here's a much requested video! Here is a How To video on our Top Knot Headbands. We hope this video is helpful & if you have any questions please feel free to send us a message! 🎥 by @Thelittlelibrarian


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I purchased a custom Fableband and I am in love! I wear the scrub hue while I’m at home and need my hair off my neck. I rarely readjust it. The headband is super comfy!! The second headband went to a Secret Santa and she loved the print!

Pan's Patisserie

So Fetch!

I love love love all of the headbands I got! And can’t wait to pick out some new ones!!!!! Thank you! And thank you Zoe for introducing me to them!

So soft!

I love the top knots - open, so I can tie it the perfect size for my giant noggin!

An Earthbender's Statement

This headband is absolutely stunning. It is the perfect ensemble for any Earthbender out there! Fits like a glove, and the top knot is a perfectly unique style.