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Our Story

Myths, fables, stories; through these we slowly learn about the world.

When I was a young girl, ignorant of what lay ahead, I dreamt about math formulas and calculations, buildings and bridges, and thought, as do so many, that happiness was to be found at the highest point of the one structure I would one day put together.

Fast forward fifteen or so years and here I am. Proud of what I have accomplished, still enamored with the theory of it all and the beauty of physics, but yearning for more: for more bedtime stories, more travel, more experiences, more of this and less of that.

Fablebands is my valiant attempt to break the norm. I dream of days sitting with a cup of coffee, books strewn everywhere, and my sewing machine singing contentedly; of my children playing about me as I weave the story of my life into my latest creation. When I finish every piece, my soul relaxes a little, hoping that one day this path will yield those visions and more. Every purchase of a Fableband brings me a little closer to this promise land, my very own Shangri-La. You are all, essentially, dream weavers.

Because of you, my fable carries on – without animals, save my trusty Maltese Max, but with a thunderous moral: that going confidently in the directions of one’s dreams is the true path to happiness.

Meet the Team

Feel free to contact us with ideas, suggestions, and even constructive criticism.